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Government Must Invest in Musicians

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38%* musicians fall through gaps in Government support
34%* musicians considering leaving the industry
88%* musicians do not think Government has done enough

* Source: MU Covid-19 Impact Polls 2020

Supporting musicians through Covid-19 pandemic

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Iona Fyfe

Without meaningful government support, so many talented and skilled musicians will leave the 5.8billion music industry. If music is important to you, support those who create it. Write to your MP. Raised fist #investinmusicians @WeAreTheMU

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Jamie Lee Harrison

I’ve read countless numbers of sad stories about how this past year has affected so many people. It’s so true that this is affected people from all walks of life. I’m not just talking financially. I wish for the day we can be normal, whatever that is, I will never take the little things for granted.

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Yazz Ahmed

The gov needs to #investinmusicians The UK's music industry creates £5.8bn, part of £101.5bn creative industries. 38-50% musicians are still excluded from the SEISS & many are considering leaving the industry for good. Music is a vital part of our society!

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Our industry is in its knees and with Brexit deals pinning the last nail in the coffin - our union needs your help with music lovers, musicians, appreciators of live music, recorded music of ALL genres! Thank you 🙏🏽

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Oliver Night

Musicians are highly skilled, entrepreneurial, community minded people. We need as many musicians as possible to call on the Government to #InvestInMusicians. My local MP please listen #emilythornberry

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Your stories

Linton Stephens - a bassoonist building a multifaceted career in music over 15 years.

Linton Stephens, bassoonist. 15 years building a multifaceted career in music

After graduating from the Royal Northern College of Music, Linton has built further income streams and skills alongside performing with world- leading orchestras.

Through teaching, he learnt how to present content in an engaging way. This experience prepared Linton to meet an opportunity to present classical music on BBC Radio 3.

His resourceful approach to his career has also led him to develop diverse audiences for The Multi-Story Orchestra, whose performances in car parks have widened accessibility to classical music.

Louise Braithwaite - an oboe player with 15 years as a Community, Healthcare and Dementia music practitioner

Louise Braithwaite Oboe Player- 15 years as a Community, Healthcare and Dementia music practitioner

Louise has seen the therapeutic benefits of music first hand. She has 15 years experience working in the community, alongside her performing and teaching commitments.

Her musical skills have enabled her to help those with profound communication challenges in schools, hospitals and care homes.

One example of her work is arranging and performing music from the 1930s for dementia patients in care homes. Patients who have not spoken for several months have been able to sing along to  favourite songs from their youth.

Chris Cole - a trombone player with 34 years experience with world-renowned touring theatre shows

Chris Cole Trombone Player Highly-Skilled 34 years experience with world-renowned touring theatre shows

After a degree and postgraduate fellowship at Trinity College of Music, Chris has clocked up 34 years of experience as a touring theatre musician. He has performed in world-renowned shows such as Starlight Express, Pirates of Penzance and Sister act. Before Covid-19 hit, Chris was working 6 days a week and travelling 40,000 miles a year to work

Much like an elite athlete, trombone players at Chris’ level require daily mouth and lip strength building exercises plus mouth and hand co-ordination practice.

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Latest news and features

Traffic caution sign for school against a bright background with blue sky and green trees.

Concerns Over Proposals to Suspend School Music Lessons

Ofqual boss Ian Bauckham has suggested that schools might consider emergency timetable changes in response to the Omicron surge, that would see music teachers redeployed to other subjects. We advocate strongly against this idea.

Published: 06 January 2022

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​Our latest Covid-19 Impact Poll reveals that 34% are considering abandoning their career in music, while 37% are not sure.

The poll also reveals:

  • 47% musicians have been forced to look for work outside the music industry
  • 70% are unable to undertake more than a quarter of their usual work
  • 36% musicians do not have any work at all

With the Government’s job retention schemes coming to an end:

  • 65% musicians are facing financial hardship
  • 87% musicians will be facing financial hardship as a result of the Government’s income support schemes ending in October
  • 87% musicians will be earning less than £20,000 this year – well below the UK average income of £29,600

As a result, 88% musicians do not think that the Government has done enough to support musicians during the pandemic.

It’s fair that Government asks musicians not to work in order to keep people safe – but it’s not fair for Government to punish them for protecting the NHS and saving lives.

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Campaigns to support

  • Let The Music Play by UK Music 
  • We Make Events - an international movement to highlight that the live events sector urgently needs support from local governments to survive the Covid-19 crisis. 
  • ExcludedUK –  a grassroots volunteer-run not-for-profit organisation working towards bringing about an end to the exclusions in the UK Government’s Covid-19 financial support measures across all employment statuses, circumstances, professions and industries.