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We have more than 40 collective agreements with orchestras – from freelance chamber orchestras to large symphony orchestras (such as BBC Symphony Orchestra), opera and ballet orchestras. The salaries, rates of pay, and terms and conditions for those who play in orchestras are set by the collective agreements.

In addition, we have both Freelance Agreements and Employment Agreements to ensure you get the best negotiated salary rates, terms and conditions.

We also regularly develop new in-house agreements to recognise the unique requirements of individual ensembles who work outside of the orchestral scene.

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Photograph from the back of a string section in an orchestra, looking forward across scores and players holding violins.

Health and Safety In Orchestras

For those of you returning to work in orchestras, you need to be sure your employer or engager is offering you a safe place to work. This may not be straightforward!

Published: 17 September 2021

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