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Getting legal advice on U.S. visas

Visa issues can be complex and terms can be subject to change at short notice. Musicians are encouraged to seek legal advice on specific issues.

MU members benefit from free and discounted guidance from partner organisations

MU member can get guidance from the following organisations:

  • Viva La Visa – a Suffolk-based visa expediting service that are offering a free advice line for MU members, available from 1 June 2024 - contact them on 01473 892 660 or via MU members can also get a 20% discount should they engage in the services of Viva La Visa. Contact them directly for more information on this.
  • Tamizdat – a Brooklyn-based non-profit that offers pro bono legal advice about artists visa issues.
  • CoveyLaw – a Brooklyn-based law firm which has a grant program for independent artists that can substantially reduce their fees.
  • Artists From Abroad – an online resource for information about the US artist visa process.

MU members having difficulty with their visa application process can always contact their regional office for further advice.

Funding visa costs

Visa costs, including travel expenses for interviews at Embassies, can be included in applications to the PRS Foundation International Showcase Fund and the Music Export Growth Scheme (MEGS) run by the BPI.

Member services

Contract Advisory Service

Protect yourself against unpaid fees by making sure that your tour or engagement is covered by a written contract. Have it vetted by the MU for added peace of mind.

Read more about Contract Advisory Service

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