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Rate Guidelines for Remote Recording Session Work

Whilst MU session rates and terms are still recommended when engaged to work remotely from your home studio, there is a number of additional things to consider.

Last updated: 06 November 2023

You will likely need to be more flexible with your time to cater for equipment setup, not having a producer on hand and additional communication to get things right. Therefore, what might usually be a standard 3 hour session, may become half or even a full day’s work.

It is important for you to be remunerated for your time and the standard MU minimum session fees should cover your time recording or performing and grant the necessary rights, but a facility fee should also be considered on top to cover the additional activities.

Facility fee guideline:

  • £75 - half a day
  • £150 - full day

Doubling fees should still apply for remote sessions and often musicians can agree a maximum number of revisions or fixes they can do per session.

It is important to have a clear conversation with the engager prior to the session to discuss terms and expectations, and due to the differing nature of remote work the details should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

As a minimum, MU session rates and terms should be met with MU consent forms signed and your time fairly remunerated.

Contact MU Sessions Official

If you need more information on session work and fixers, please get in touch with our Session Official.