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How to be Release Ready with PRS

PRS for Music and the Musicians’ Union held recurring online events on ‘How to be Release Ready’ . Here is one of the recorded events available to members only.

Last updated: 16 November 2021

Now more than ever before, musicians and artists are taking a DIY approach to creating, releasing and exploiting their music. Some are self-releasing now with hopes of securing a future record deal, but others see it as a long-term strategy for their careers. Either way, if you are planning to release your own music then it’s vital you understand some fundamentals about the way the music industry works and how your music can generate revenue.

How record labels and music publishers make their money and how independent artists can do the same

Topics covered include:

  • Copyright law and protecting your work
  • The difference between Master Rights and Publishing Rights, and how they relate to collection societies (PRS, MCPS and PPL)
  • The business models behind record labels and music publishers (and how that applies to you)
  • Artists agreements and performer’s permissions you need to secure before you can release

An overview of PRS, MCPS and PPL and the practicalities of self service using the PRSfM website

Topics covered include:

  • Managing your online account
  • How to register or amend works
  • How to search PRSfM works database

Watch the event recording