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1. Do your research

TikTok is vast and you need to target the right communities to gain traction so first, familiarise yourself with the app’s format and features. Before you post anything, find the groups you want to engage and learn what makes them tick (and tok): people appreciate professionalism and efficiency.

2. Post little and often

Regularly posting 15-second clips is far more effective than dropping a three-minute video then disappearing for a month. In a perfect world, aim for three posts a day.

3. Edit in the app

TikTok’s video editing toolset won’t just turn your clip from lackluster to eye-catching. If you use the app’s trending effects, the algorithm is more likely to promote your video.

4. Don’t delete old posts

Even if content tanks first time around, it’s all part of your brand and could catch fire further down the line.

5. Be social

The TikTok algorithm notices and rewards the users who truly take an interest in other people’s content. Dive into the community and you’ll find your own posts bubbling up.

6. Spot the trends

We cannot stress this enough: trends are king on TikTok. Spot them early, align your content and ride the wave all the way to a viral hit.

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