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MU membership provides access to grants for its members, such as Benevolent Fund, Parental Grant, and a Funeral Grant for deceased members' family. You can also find out other sources of financial aid in the times of need. 

You can also donate to the Benevolent Fund to help our members in the times of financial hardship.

Benevolent Fund

The MU's Benevolent Fund is a modest and limited resource, maintained by donations. We offer a small grant to members suffering severe financial hardship, for example in cases of illness or injury.

Donate to the MU Benevolent Fund

Can you contribute to help Musicians’ Union members facing hardship?

We offer small grants to members suffering severe financial hardship. Our ability to help is heavily reliant on financial donations from supporters. Please donate what you can to help. Thank you.

How to donate

  1. Donate by Bank Transfer by emailing for our bank details
  2. Donate by Cheque. Make cheque payable to: MU Benevolent Fund and send it to:

MU Benevolent Fund
30 Snowsfields
London SE1 3SU

How to apply for a grant

To apply for a grant, please contact your Regional Office who will talk you through the next steps. A sub-committee of the Regional Committee will consider your application as soon as possible after it’s received.

To be eligible for a grant you must be in your second (or more) year of consecutive membership i.e. not within the first year of membership.

Parental grant

Grants of £275 are available to all new parents who are MU members. Check if you are eligible for the grant before applying.

The parental grant for musicians is available:

  • To current members who are not in arrears of their membership fee at the time of application and becoming a parent. If both parents are members, only one parental grant is payable per child.
  • If you are in your second (or more) year of consecutive membership i.e. not within the first year of membership. It must be applied for within six months of becoming a parent, or during pregnancy and on production of the Maternity Certificate (note that both pages of the MAT B1 form need to be presented).
  • On a per-child basis. Therefore, if more than one child is born or adopted, a grant is paid per child.

You'll need to provide the required supporting documents to apply. Learn more by starting your application.

Apply for a Parental grant

Funeral grant

A funeral grant of £275 is payable in respect of MU members whose death occurs during their membership. To apply, please get in touch and we'll talk you through the next steps.

Financial help for musicians from our partner organisations

Help Musicians

Help Musicians helps musicians by providing advice, guidance, and financial and emotional support.

The charity prioritises career development and individual progression, providing grants for young musicians and others to record.

It plays a vital role in supporting working musicians who are dealing with an illness, injury or the aftermath of an accident. It’s a lifeline for many, so if you need help or know someone who does, don't hesitate to reach out.

Royal Society of Musicians

The Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain was founded to support musicians and their families when in distress due to ‘age, infirmity or disease’. Help may be offered in many ways, whether it be living expenses, rehabilitation, counselling, referrals to specialised practitioners, or consultations with financial advisors. All applications to the the Royal Society of Musicians are considered in confidence.

PRS Members' Fund

The PRS Members' Fund exists to help its members, ex-members and dependants of members who have passed away. The type of help offered includes short-term loans to cover unexpected financial crises and one-off emergency grants for musicians in cases of hardship or illness.

Medical assistance for musicians

British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) is a unique charity delivering specialist health support to musicians via free and confidential GP assessment clinics, plus referrals to the best treatment available.

BAPAM now has clinics across the UK.

For more information, a list of complementary and mainstream practitioners, and guidance on staying fit and healthy, please visit

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From gig players to part-time teachers and professional instrumentalists, MU members can access specialist insurance for musicians. This includes accident cover, health schemes, travel insurance and car insurance add-ons through the Musicians’ Union.

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