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Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented if you take the appropriate measures. Through the Musicians’ Union, you can get very affordable access to specialist audiologists and bespoke hearing protection. The Musicians' Hearing Health Scheme aims to make hearing protection an affordable and essential part of a musician’s toolkit. 

The national support scheme was launched in 2016 by Help Musicians in partnership with the Musicians’ Union. The scheme began when MU Officials and Help Musicians saw the importance of hearing health and the need to make its provision accessible.

In the last two years around 800 MU members from all over the UK have accessed the Musicians’ Hearing Health Scheme.

What’s included in our Musicians' Hearing Health Scheme?

Our comprehensive Hearing Health Scheme includes:

  • An audiological assessment and ear check-up (worth over £200) from an audiologist who specialises in musicians’ hearing
  • One set of custom-made, specialist musician earplugs (worth £149)
  • Expert advice on referral routes for any hearing problems you may have, and next steps to manage any problems, including contact with your GP
  • Optional wax removal at a subsidised rate of £50

Clinics take place in London and Manchester throughout the year, and there is a rolling programme of regional clinics. Sign up for an appointment at your nearest clinic.

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How much does Musicians' Hearing Health Scheme cost?

The assessment is heavily subsidised by Help Musicians so you will only have to make a one-off payment of £50. The MU provides further a subsidy to bring the cost down to £37.50 for MU members.

You will receive an assessment and hearing protection worth almost over £300, as well as an optional follow-up assessment every two years for £80. 

Noise induced hearing loss is 100% irreversible but is 100% preventable. (Paul Checkley, Musicians Hearing Services)

This only includes the costs of one set of hearing protection – it does not provide replacements for lost, stolen or broken hearing protection. We recommend that you include your bespoke hearing protection on your home contents insurance. Musicians’ Hearing Services will provide you with a proof of purchase for the full value of your hearing protection on request.

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You can register for your hearing assessment online.

To qualify for these specialist musicians' hearing health services, you will need to provide contact details and evidence to show that you are a professional musician.

Help Musicians will then make an assessment and be in touch within five working days to let you know if you're eligible. They'll also pass on your details to Musicians' Hearing Services, who will be in touch to register you on the scheme and make you an appointment at a clinic of your choice.

Together, we're working to improve the hearing health system for musicians. Apply to protect your hearing throughout your music career.

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How to insert your custom-made hearing protection

Once you’ve signed up to the Musicians’ Hearing Health Scheme, completed your audiological assessment and received your custom-made earplugs, you’ll want to know how to use them correctly.

In the below tutorial Matthew Allsop from Harley Street Hearing and Musicians' Hearing Services, shows you how to prepare, insert and remove your earplugs.

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