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Find answers to frequently asked questions about the MU.

Last updated: 08 December 2023

MU Membership

What are the methods and frequencies of membership payments?

As all memberships are an annual commitment you have the following payment options, which will vary depending on the membership category:

  • Annual, quarterly, or monthly Direct Debit
  • Full annual payment by card
  • Hybrid payment – first subscription instalment by card and the remaining by Direct Debit
  • Recurring card payment – this will be taken automatically at your annual renewal

I joined by Direct Debit, how long until I become a member?

A Direct Debit can take up to three weeks to set up. Your membership, including benefits and services, will only become active after your first instalment payment has been taken successfully. You’ll receive an email of your payment schedule when you complete the joining process.

How do I become a member instantly?

You have two options to become a member instantly:

  1. Card or recurring card payment – pay your full annual subscription by card. You can also choose a recurring payment to avoid having to remember to renew.
  2. Hybrid payment – pay your first subscription instalment by card and the remaining by Direct Debit.

Can I switch to a different category and/or cancel my membership?

Membership is an annual commitment regardless of the category, so members can only decide to switch categories or cancel their membership at their annual renewal.

To ensure that either a switch or a cancellation can be actioned, you must inform the MU in writing before your annual renewal date. The easiest way to do so is by emailing

If you inform us after your annual renewal date has passed, we can only set your switch or cancellation to the following annual renewal date.

What’s the quickest way for me to add, or make a change, to my membership or related record?

Our dedicated membership team is always ready to help. The easiest way to contact us is by email on or phone on 0207 840 5570. We’re open 10 am – 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Who do I contact about a work related issue once my membership becomes active?

Your regional/devolved nation team is always your first point of contact for all enquiries relating to your work as a musician. If you’re unsure, please email and we can forward your query to the correct office.