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Join for a Pound Scheme FAQs

Last updated: 16 May 2024

Can I join the MU for £1?

This offer is open to anyone who’s not been a member of the MU before, was paying a student rate last time they were a member, or was last a member over five years ago.

Your completed membership application will need to be verified and this can take up to 24 hours on working weekdays, and longer if over the weekend or bank holidays.

Why do I have to enter my direct debit details to join for £1, and how much is membership?

Like all MU memberships, this is an annual commitment, so the Direct Debit will pay for the remaining six months.

Upon joining you’ll pay £1 by card, and then the standard membership amount by monthly or quarterly instalments from month seven by Direct Debit.

Does this offer apply to students or members of partner Trades Unions?

If you're a student please join the MU’s student membership category, which is only £24.00 for the year and much cheaper than this rate.

If you’re already a full-paying member of EIS, Ivors Academy, NEU, RCO, or UCU you could be eligible for the MU’s joint membership category. This is also significantly discounted.

Why is the MU offering this scheme?

There are many musicians who aren’t yet MU members, and research tells us that a large number of these musicians are unsure of whether the benefits are worth the cost.

We feel strongly that the extensive benefits and services available to members are very much worth the money. This is why we’re giving people the chance to join at half the standard rate so they can see for themselves.

What benefits will I get during the six months?

As you’ve made a card payment upfront, you’ll have access to all MU benefits and services as soon as your membership has been verified.

However, it’s important to note that for pre-existing music related issues we may only be able to advise, not assist.

Here’s a summary of how join for £1 works:

  • When joining you'll pay £1 by card, which pays for the first six months of your membership. Then you'll set up a monthly or quarterly Direct Debit for the remaining payments of your annual membership.
  • Your membership will only become active once your eligibility has been confirmed.
  • This membership is an annual commitment and is non-refundable.