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Visas and Work Permits

Make sure you have a valid work permit and any associated visa well in advance of your departure date to avoid being turned away by immigration services.

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Everyone's talking about working in the EU

Make the most of it. Email the Prime Minister in support of work permit-free travel and the Musicians' Passport.

Everyone's talking about working in the EU

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Photograph of Manchester city in the sunset
23 Apr 2021

One-to-One Advice Sessions

One-to-one expert advice for members in Greater Manchester on all aspects of your music career including contracts, copyright, employment advice, legal advice and much more.

Online, Greater Manchester
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23 Apr 2021

Weekly Online Session: Feldenkrais

A weekly Feldenkrais Method session to work on freeing up your playing or singing. Feldenkrais is a sensory-motor learning system, which looks at our mind and body holistically.

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