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Visas and Work Permits

Make sure you have a valid work permit and any associated visa well in advance of your departure date to avoid being turned away by immigration services.

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Musicians working in the EU

Everyone's talking about working in the EU

Make the most of it. Email the Prime Minister in support of work permit-free travel and the Musicians' Passport.

Everyone's talking about working in the EU

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Photograph of a yellow piggy bank against a yellow background.
26 Jan 2021

Cash Flow for Freelances

Learn how to plan having enough cash all year round and avoid the panic of running out of money at any given time.

Online, England
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Photograph of a paper chain of people set out on a table, under a warm light.
28 Jan 2021

Stay Connected Online

This webinar will help you access or initiate a support group that meets your specific creative objectives.

Online, England
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Photograph of evening light in Manchester down by a canal.
29 Jan 2021


Online, one-to-one expert advice for members in Greater Manchester on all aspects of your music career, including contracts, copyright, employment advice and legal advice.

Greater Manchester, Online
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02 Feb 2021

Overcoming Overload

This session will share a range of evidence based tools and techniques that can be easily adopted into your daily life, supporting you to reclaim your energy, focus and creativity.

Wales, Online
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