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Why do you need insurance for musical instruments?

Whether you're a freelance music teacher or have just started touring abroad, you deserve to work in confidence. Obtaining the best musical instrument insurance for the nature of your work means that you can teach, play and perform with full peace of mind.

Musical instrument insurance is not a legal requirement. At the Musicians' Union, we understand that your instruments mean more than just their monetary value. No matter how much sentimental attachments you have to your instruments, getting them insured means that you can focus on your career.

When you join the MU, you'll benefit from access to an incredible range of instrument insurance policies and specialist services too. Our policies are provided by our partner organisations and solicitors, including Hencilla Canworth GI.

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Summary of MU Members' insurances

Instrument insurance for musicians: what's covered by the MU? 

As a member of the MU, you can access fantastic basic cover with our tailor-made musical instrument insurance. This includes:

  • Worldwide musical instrument and equipment cover up to the value of £3,000
  • Up to £200 per incident (a maximum of £500 during the annual period of insurance) should you need to hire alternative equipment and instruments.

Additionally, we offer an enhanced level of cover. The MU Specified Instrument and Equipment Cover protects your musical instruments and equipment above £3,000 and up to £150,000. If you're seeking the best musical instrument insurance for your most valuable instruments, this level of cover could be most suitable.

Accessing comprehensive musical instrument insurance through the MU

It's worth knowing that you don't automatically gain insurance for musical instruments when you become a member of the MU. You must register for the insurance scheme online first to obtain cover.

Alternatively, you can contact Hencilla Canworth GI Ltd directly via email or by calling 020 8686 5050. Once registered for the insurance, MU members receive an email annually with up-to-date terms and conditions.

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How to make a musical instrument insurance UK claim

If you need to make a claim, you should get in touch with Hencilla as soon as possible after any event that may result in you needing to make a claim. For example, if your instrument is stolen or damaged, don't wait until the next week to call.

You should also notify the police of any loss or damage by theft, attempted theft or malicious damage to your property, or if it's lost while you are away from your home address.

You can find further guidance on making a musical instrument insurance claim in the latest terms & conditions document.

Instrument Insurance FAQs

Who can register for music instrument insurance with the MU?

Anyone who becomes a member of the Musicians' Union can register for an instrument insurance.

The MU is a trade union that represents over 34,000 musicians in the UK. Membership is beneficial for musicians from all walks of life, whether employed or self-employed.

When you become a member, you can apply for musical instrument insurance through us. You will also gain access to professional guidance on life and work in the musical sector.

Does the MU offer musical instrument insurance for students?

Yes! We offer instrument insurance policies with our student memberships, alongside those for experienced musicians signing up as new members. A student membership costs just £20 per year. If you can prove that you're in full-time education, you should be eligible for membership.

How do you know if you're already registered for instrument insurance?

If you're uncertain if you've already registered, did so a long time ago, or paused your membership for an extended period, we recommend you re-register. You will then receive an up-to-date policy and schedule containing the latest terms and conditions.

You should read the musical instrument insurance UK terms and conditions for details on what is and is not covered and any special conditions that may affect your claim.

Can you get more cover with MU musical instrument insurance?

If you're an MU member seeking cover for a higher value than the limit of your existing musical instrument insurance, you can use our Specified Instrument and Equipment Cover.

This level of cover insures musical instruments and equipment above £3,000 and up to £150,000. You can find out more and get a quote online.

Please note that once MU Specified Instrument and Equipment Cover has been arranged on specified items, members will lose the right to claim under the £3,000 musical instrument and equipment insurance cover.

How to ask a question or make a complaint

If you have a question about your musical instrument insurance or would like to make a complaint, please get in touch with Hencilla Canworth GI Ltd directly via email or by calling 020 8686 5050.

You can also write to our insurance provider at:

Hencilla Canworth GI Ltd,
Simpson House,
6 Cherry Orchard Road,
Croydon CR9 6AZ.

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