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Working life of a musician is never static and the MU can play an important role in supporting its members by facilitating the enhancement of their existing skills or assisting them in learning new ones.

TUC Education

TUC Education offers a range of courses for union members, Stewards and Health and Safety Representatives, which are wholly or partly online and provide access to the same accredited courses available in the classroom.

MU members who wish to attend TUC courses during working hours should first ask their employer for time off with pay. Should any member experience difficulty in obtaining paid time off, MU Officials are available to assist them in this matter.

GFTU courses

The MU’s affiliation to the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) enables members to participate in any of a range of free courses that are run throughout each year. The subjects covered by GFTU courses over recent years have included Dealing with Bullying, Harassment and Stress, Disability Awareness, and Leadership Skills and Risk Assessment for Health and Safety Representatives.

CULT Cymru in Wales

CULT Cymru is a learning project led by BECTU in partnership with Equity, the Musicians’ Union and the Writers’ Guild. Learn more about CULT Cymru.

FEU business skills training for creative freelancers

FEU Training helps freelancers in England brush up on the key business skills necessary to support career development. eCourses and past webinar recordings are available. Learn more about FEU training.

MU events

At the MU we regularly host training events for members, as well as signpost to the events from other trusted organisations. Browse our events.

Sources of training for music educators

If you teach in schools or other community settings, ask about training opportunities. Your local music education hub may offer (or signpost to) training that can be also be accessed by private and self-employed teachers. If you cannot find your local hub, ask your regional MU office.

There are many training providers in music education. The following is just a sample:

Upcoming events

Last chance to book

Last chance to book

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29 Jul 2024

Guided Meditation

An extremely efficient and powerful meditation practice, based on Ascension meditation techniques.

Online Member only
Read more about Guided Meditation

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