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How to Find Work as a Media Composer

Watch the recording of the online event exploring how to find work as a media composer, and the different opportunities available across the sector.

Last updated: 04 April 2022

Explore how to find work as a media composer, and the different opportunities available across the sector. Featuring Bankey Ojo (Composer), Jenna Fentiman (Head of Creative, Manners McDade), Kirsteen McLean (Head of Music, Banijay UK), Zoe Bryant (Music Supervisor, Carbon Logic) and moderated by Mark Gordon (Composer & Score Draw Music).

Topics covered include:

  • Finding and accessing opportunities as an aspiring media composer
  • The different roles in the sector, and who you need to know
  • The skills and experience you need to get started.

This event is part of the Composers Against Buyouts campaign in partnership with The Ivors Academy.

What to ask for when negotiating deals

Get the deal in writing

“It’s the MU’s motto – but it really does apply, particularly to people who are just starting out. When people are working for known broadcasters, they assume things will be okay and they’ll retain rights and they don’t question it. But we have a lot of people coming to us trying to put things right retrospectively. Which is why you should start off with the contract, before you’ve done the work.”

Kelly Wood, Musicians’ Union

Hang on to your mechanical royalties

“Certainly try to keep some mechanicals if you can, because that really does make a difference. And there should be fairness for the composer in other ways as well – having a set timescale, knowing if your budget includes hiring other musicians or not, and looking after yourself in not just monetary ways, but respecting your time.”

Claire Batchelor, composer

Demand creative freedom

“Money is important but the thing about being a composer is, you need creative freedom as well. The positive things are generally more about working with a bunch of people that you enjoy being with. There is dialogue between you and the director or series producer, you get feedback and it’s greater than the sum of its parts. But that’s also where it gets tricky, because people see music as being just a really enjoyable pastime, so it gets denigrated slightly.”

Timo Baker, composer


Calling all media composers

Get a fair share of the value you create. Back the Composers Against Buyouts campaign.

Calling all media composers

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