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It's Time to Fix Streaming

Call on Government to put the value of music back where it belongs – in your hands.

It's Time to Fix Streaming

Be sure your voice is heard

We are the MU. A community of over 34,000 musicians coming together to support equality, fairness, and justice.

Together we are behind every musician, advocating for musicians and a better music industry through campaigns and lobbying work.

Be sure your voice is heard. Explore our current campaigns and look out for opportunities to get involved.

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Let's Talk About Universal Basic Income

Universal basic income, or UBI, is the idea of giving a fixed amount of money to every citizen, unconditionally. Revolutionise how musicians work and live with a universal basic income.

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End sexual harassment at work

Government committed to introducing a mandatory duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment at work. Now we need action to protect all freelancers too.

End sexual harassment at work

Have you been asked to work for free?

The MU regularly hears from musicians asked to work for free. Asking musicians to work for free is unacceptable at any time.

We’re trying to build a picture of what’s happening, where, and to whom so we can come up with creative solutions and make sure no-one feels they have to work for low or no pay. 

See what you can do and learn more about how we fight for fair pay.

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