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Empowering Musicians to Say No to Unpaid Work

Being a musician is not a hobby – it’s our profession.

71%* musicians have been asked to work for free*
54% * are asked to work for “exposure”*
£5K+* amount lost per person per year to free work**

* Source: *MU and **IPSE data

Music is work, not play

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Great to see @WeAreTheMU taking this up with the BBC. @bbcstrictly #ItTakesTwo should absolutely pay artists for their work.

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I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked to play for free or been asked “So what’s your real job?” Every time it happens I take a moment and think about all the incredible fans and their support, you are all amazing! #WorkNotPlayMU

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Repeat after me: people in the arts can not pay for food or rent with 'good exposure'. If you want musicians to play, PAY THEM.

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Thanks to those who retweeted. They have issued an apology and we can only hope that they will follow @WeAreTheMU guidelines and pay musicians with money and not pizza 🍕

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