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Fire Safety

Musicians must ensure that employers and workplaces have carried out a Fire Risk Assessment.

Last updated: 31 March 2022

One should always make sure in any workplace they are given information about fire evacuation and check that signage makes it clear how to get out of a building in an emergency.

Fire Risk Assessment

Health and safety representatives can make valuable contributions to the Fire Risk Assessment process by helping employers to identify key issues, and making practical suggestions for improvements. This is defined by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO). Building occupiers or responsible person(s) must now carry out a Risk Assessment on the fire safety of the premises.

Always ensure that you are familiar with a venue’s emergency procedures

Where part of some premises are hired out to another organisation or for a separate function (DJs, dance promoters, weddings, parties) then the fire safety responsibilities of those organising the separate function and those of the remainder of the building need to be established as part of the contract of hire. The responsible person for each occasional or separate event or function will need to be clearly established and documented and their legal duties then made clear to them.

Certain premises may also be subject to the provision of a licence or registration (under the Licensing Act, for instance) and the Fire Authority may wish to review the Risk Assessment of the premises as part of the licensing approval process. Fire safety conditions within a licence should not be set by a licensing authority where the FSO applies.

Musicians should always ensure that, whenever undertaking one-off gigs and engagements they are familiar with the venue’s emergency fire evacuation procedures. Make sure you know where the fire exits are, as well as details of assembly points and who the fire wardens are. Also ensure that fire doors are not propped open or locked and that gangways and walkways are kept clear.

Fire safety guidance documents

There are fire safety resources available for a range of premises, including offices, shops, accommodation, theatres and cinemas.

These guidance documents give details of how to comply with the new legislation and include    requirements specific to the sector in question. 

Fire safety in Scotland

The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 follow the Risk Assessment approach. See Scottish Fire Safety Risk Assessment forms and guidance.

Fire safety in Northern Ireland

The Fire & Rescue Services  Order 2006  and The Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland)  broadly mirror the England and Wales legislation. Learn more about fire safety advice in Northern Ireland.