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Filming at Sessions

Advice on filming at recording studio sessions and live performances.

Last updated: 18 March 2021

Filming at a studio session

Most of our Collective Bargaining agreements have provision to allow filming in the studio for promotional use. The MU PACT agreement limits final duration to 10 minutes and restricts filming without further permission from the MU. The MU BPI agreement also allows promotional filming but is not limited in terms of amount of filming or performance captured. If this filming is going to be put to commercial use, in all cases a fee is payable.

Filming live gigs

MU Standard Live Engagement Contracts have a provision precluding audio and audiovisual recording without prior written consent.

However, you should take a realistic view of this type of situation as many events are also filmed via cameras and phones and it is virtually impossible to prevent people from doing so. If you find that cameras have been set up expressly to film your performance and there is no contract in place to cover this situation, you have a right to say no. All of the musicians in a group should give consent to being recorded before recording can begin.

If you collectively grant consent, state that your permission is only being given subject to a written agreement being drawn up as to the rights in, and the future use of, the recording in question. If you knowingly allow yourself to be recorded and do not make your position clear at the time, it can be difficult for the MU to establish your rights in retrospect, especially if you later state that you were filmed against your will.