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The Royal Shakespeare Company Agreement

Updated: 16 December 2020 | 15:42 PM

RSC & MU house agreement for musicians, April 2013

The Royal Shakespeare Company's (RSC) shows are made in Stratford-upon-Avon and the plays are performed in three theatres: the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the Swan Theatre and the Studio Theatre at The Other Place.

This agreement sets out the minimum terms and conditions for those employed by the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC).

Below are the most up-to-date rates of pay for musicians working under the RSC & MU agreement. We are currently re-negotiating with the RSC so these are different to the ones in the attached agreement.

House band

Annual salary Basic weekly salary Session rate (8+)
£34,574.00 £664.88 £83.12

Freelance fees (per session)

5 sessions and under 6 sessions 7 sessions 8+ sessions
£103.89 £110.81 £94.98 £83.12

Doubling fees

A Double B Double C Double
£15.79 £11.64 £7.48


For enquiries please contact MU Midlands office.