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The MU’s Fair Play Venue scheme invites you as an independent music venue to declare your support for the fair treatment of musicians and your opposition to unfair ticketing deals.

You then join a searchable database of venues across the UK. This is open to all musicians, not just MU members, and can be used to help them find your venue for their next gig, launch or tour.

Apply to be a Fair Play Venue now

It takes five to ten minutes to fill in the application form. If you have any accessibility requirements or would like help answering the questions, please contact the MU Regional Office for your area.

Does it cost anything?

The Fair Play Venue scheme is free for you to join, and free for musicians and fans to use.

What does my venue get out of it?

By joining the scheme, your venue commits to meeting our Fair Play Guide standards. This provides musicians with a clear sign that your venue is committed to the fair treatment of musicians, helping them to make informed decisions about where to perform.

In exchange:

  • Your venue is listed on the Musicians’ Union website as an accredited Fair Play Venue
  • Your venue may receive free promotion via the union’s digital and print communications, including over 33,000 members and over 70,000 fans on social media
  • You get a window sticker to show musicians and audiences that you are part of the scheme
  • The MU can provide useful resources and guidance to help your venue meet its Fair Play commitments to musicians now and in future

Why should I sign up to be a Fair Play Venue?

Becoming a Fair Play Venue:

  • Plugs you directly into a community of 33,000 musicians
  • Demonstrates your commitment to fair treatment and pay for musicians
  • Supports a more sustainable music industry, helping to build a more diverse roster of performers and creating a vibrant music scene for fans
  • Builds on your positive reputation with musicians, industry professionals and fans
  • When looking for appropriate spaces to host our events, the MU aims to work with Fair Play Venues where possible

Join a network of over 100 Fair Play Venues across the UK

Sign up your venue now

Fair Play on Tour events

Fair Play Venues

Browse music venues that have already signed up for the Fair Play Venue Scheme.

Village Underground

A medium-sized venue which prides itself on programming artists from around the world and across different genres.

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A historic, intimate venue offering emerging musicians a chance to showcase their burgeoning talent.

Read more about Troubadour

Trinity Bar

Live music venue and late night bar in Harrow, North West London. Welcoming live music of any genre.

Read more about Trinity Bar

Tower of Song

An artist-run venue with music to suit all tastes and each night of the week has a different theme.

Read more about Tower of Song

Toulouse Lautrec

Small to medium sized venue consisting of two music rooms with a piano bar for jazz soloists and duos.

Read more about Toulouse Lautrec


A medium city centre venue that was once a cargo ship with live music and club nights throughout the week.

Read more about Thekla

The Windmill

An independent live music venue which aims to put on quality live music seven nights a week.

Read more about The Windmill