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6 Top Tips for Buying and Selling Music Instruments

Last updated: 29 October 2021

1. Be honest about your instrument’s condition

If the instrument has any dings, cracks or structural faults then detail them in full along with relevant close-up photos of them. Withholding such details will only lead to problems.

2. Always ask about the details

If you are a buyer don’t be afraid to ask questions about the instrument. Any decent seller will be happy to provide you with more information and photos.

3. Get the price right

If you are selling, then ask around and search online to gauge the most realistic price. If you are buying, then always negotiate. Remember, 15-20% off the asking price is the sweet spot.

4. Try out the instrument

Make every effort you can to play the instrument before you buy. Nothing beats getting a feel for how it plays and sounds.

5. Make an impression

Make sure your instrument looks good and plays well before you sell it. Repair any faults, change the strings, reeds and so on. Give it a clean and a polish.

6. Research the instrument market

Always ensure you research the seller, the instrument and the price. If you are buying online check the feedback ratings and reviews of the seller.