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Need help and don’t know where to turn? If you are a member of the MU then you can access free legal advice and assistance across a broad range of issues, including pursuing concerns about an employer.

Who is eligible

Please check the criteria for Legal Advice and Assistance depending on your country of residence. This will give an indication of whether or not you qualify to recieve advice in this instance.

How to apply

To apply you’ll need the Legal Advice & Assistance Request Form which can be downloaded or obtained from your Regional Office, where you will also need to send the form and statement.

If the legal advice or assistance you require is based on an employment issue, you should use the employment casework request form. Read furtner information on making an employment related query.

What you should include

It is very important that you provide a written statement setting out the history of the matter – giving all material facts, events and dates, including all relevant discussions and agreements.

Provide copies of any relevant contracts and correspondence, including text and email, in the statement.

If you intend to submit email or text messages as part of your evidence please organise them as follows:

  • Compile the messages carefully in order of date.
  • Include all original message headers and footers – from both sender and recipient, as well as time and date originally sent.
  • Highlight and index any important points, referring to and identifying the message in your written statement.

Non-work related legal advice

If you have a general legal query on a non-work related matter, and you are a paid up MU member, you can contact our Legal Advice Helpline for a free half hour of legal advice from Morrish Solicitors.

Advice offered can include family law, consumer law, property law, wills and trusts as well as many other legal issues.

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