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Legal Advice and Assistance is a member-only service which provides musicians with access to legal advice and assistance across a broad range of issues, including unpaid fees, disputes and other issues at work.

To learn whether or not you qualify to receive advice in this instance, please read the full criteria for Legal Advice and Assistance depending on your country of residence - check criteria for England and Wales, and criteria for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Learn more about Legal Advice & Assistance Scheme

Employment related legal advice and assistance

If you are offered a contract of employment, or a contract that requires you to provide personal service, we will arrange for a specialist employment lawyer to review it and provide you with appropriate advice on the contract. Learn more about employment-related legal advice and assistance for musicians.

If you are offered a music business contract rather than an employment contract, such as a publishing agreement or recording contract, you may find our Contract Advisory Service useful.

Non-work related legal advice

If you have a general legal query on a non-work related matter, and you are a paid up MU member, you can contact our Legal Advice Helpline for a free half hour of legal advice from Morrish Solicitors.

Advice offered can include family law, consumer law, property law, wills and trusts as well as many other legal issues.

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The MU has a network of experienced teams available to help musicians in all areas of the industry.

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