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MU Touring Theatre Steward

Theatre Stewards (sometimes referred to as reps) enable us to actively engage in and contribute to the fair engagement of members on shows.

Last updated: 28 March 2024

Stewards are elected by their bandmates to represent their collective interests and serve for the duration of the production, or until they leave the band or step down from their role as Steward.

The main functions of a Steward are:

  • To share the players’ contracts with the MU.
  • To represent the MU members of the band.
  • To work in collaboration with the MU to ensure the observance of the terms and conditions set by UK Theatre (UKT) and any other agreement you may be working under (in-house agreement or BPI/PACT, for example).
  • To provide a band list to the MU and update the MU as and when personnel changes occur.
  • To maintain regular contact with the MU and relay feedback with any relevant information from the band you represent.
  • To encourage non-members to join the MU for their own individual security and the collective good of the band and the wider industry.
  • To help facilitate MU band visits where required.
  • To correspond with the MU and the fixer (where appropriate) on any issues raised in relation to the engagement as soon as they occur.


  • Current MU members with more than six months membership
  • Members engaged as chair-holders on touring or static shows for part or the entire length of the production.
  • Members engaged on players’ or Associate Musical Directors / Musical Directors contracts.
  • The steward to be elected by other MU members within the band.


MU/UKT Stewards receive a commission based on the number of the weeks that they undertake the role whilst on an engagement

The MU greatly relies on the invaluable contribution of its Stewards, who play a vital role in ensuring the Union can support the sector. Please contact if you are interested in becoming a theatre steward.

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