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A guide for musicians working in Europe

The MU has put together an interactive flowchart for musicians travelling to the EU to guide you through the new regulations following Brexit and assist in making sure you have the correct documentation prior to setting off. The flowchart guide contains links to useful resources. 

Check our latest version and don’t forget that you can always contact your regional office for advice. Please do also report any specific issues or incidences of lost work to them – as the Government is asking for evidence for our arguments.

See the flowchart

ATA Carnets

Musicians who now require ATA Carnets for travel should take advantage of the MU Member exclusive discounts available through the London Chamber of Commerce (LCC) or Boomerang.

ATA Carnets for travel between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK

An ATA Carnet is not currently required for your equipment when travelling to Northern Ireland for work and back – or travelling from Northern Ireland to other parts of the UK and back. You will however, most likely require an ATA Carnet if travelling to the Republic of Ireland for work from any part of the UK.

If this situation changes, we will let members know as soon as we can.

For guidance on the documentation you will now need when gigging and touring in Europe, see our flowchart guide.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Current EHICs will be valid until their expiry date, but you will not then be able to apply for another one unless you are an EU citizen. The Government plans to replace the EHIC with a new, free, Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC).

Neither the EHIC card or the GHIC card are a replacement for travel insurance – but both mean that you are entitled to the same treatment as locals should you need to attend state-run hospitals or GP surgeries when visiting EU countries.

Paying Social Security when working in the EU

The rules on this will vary depending on the kind of work you’re undertaking, and where you’ve working. See the UK Government’s website for specific advice.

Latest highlights

Entry requirements for EU Member states

Musicians can follow to check entry requirements for 26 EU countries and other foreign travel advice on website.

Get involved with the MU's efforts to keep musicians work in the EU

The MU campaigned to stay in the EU, and we are raising a number of issues with the Brexit Deal that has been agreed by Parliament.

.Please visit our campaign page for details of how to get involved.


Everyone's talking about working in the EU

The Prime Minister promised this Government would fix it. It's a promise he has to keep.

Everyone's talking about working in the EU

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