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Specimen Sync Licences

Templates to help you negotiate synchronisation deals and agree appropriate terms for the use of your music

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Employment Status

An employee, a worker or self-employed - each employment status comes with different responsibilities and rights.

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Coronavirus guidance

Member services

"The music business today is a minefield that needs careful negotiation to avoid a mishap. All business relationships that you enter into should be clearly and carefully set out in agreements that are fair to all concerned."

Horace on agreements
Horace TrubridgeMU General Secretary

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Being a musician is not a hobby - it's our profession

No-one should feel guilty about turning down unpaid “opportunities".

Being a musician is not a hobby - it's our profession

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Photograph of a beautiful medievil street in Durham.
02 Jul 2021

Online One-to-Ones Advice Sessions

You may have questions about your career and how best to move forward, or perhaps you have a legal query or a project which you would like to get up and running but need some initial advice.

Online, North East England
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