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Music business

Specimen Agreements

Before you seek business contract advice, browse our range of example agreements for doing music business.

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TV, film and advertising

Specimen Sync Licences

Templates to help you negotiate synchronisation deals and agree appropriate terms for the use of your music

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Employment Contracts

Use our UK employment contract advice resource to find out more about employment contracts and the conditions you should be wary of.

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Upcoming events

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20 Apr 2024

WSWE Local Members' Day in Saltash

Attend two workshops, network with local members, get free portable appliance testing and meet your MU Officials at a local venue in Cornwall.

Saltash Member only
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This is not a hobby - it's our profession

No-one should feel guilty about turning down unpaid “opportunities". Have you been asked to work for no fee?

This is not a hobby - it's our profession

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