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New and emerging artists face many challenges starting out in the music industry. Some are specific to musicians, and others are shared with young workers across the UK.

The MU’s work with young musicians covers both, highlighting union advice, creating resources for young members, and working with young people across the trade union movement to challenge inequality and injustice at work.


Can a UBI keep music live?

The idea of a universal basic income has been around for centuries. Now, the MU and many others believe its time has come.

Can a UBI keep music live?

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A young person is sat in a bright library setting wearing red headphones and looking intently at a computer screen.

Universities Cut Arts Courses

The MU is saddened to see large-scale cuts to arts courses at two universities following ongoing Government funding cuts and anti-arts rhetoric.

Published: 14 June 2022

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Get support as a young musician through MU membership
DIY Musicians

Mentoring in Music

Create your own opportunities to get mentoring or be a mentor with this DIY mentoring guide. It covers finding a mentor, setting goals, the mentoring process, and more.

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Fight for a fairer music industry