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About the MU

The Musicians' Union is the UK trade union for all musicians representing over 34,000 musicians across the UK working in all sectors of the music business. As well as negotiating on behalf of members with all the major employers in the industry, we offer a range of support services for musicians.

We are the MU. We are Behind Every Musician

We stand up for employed and self-employed musicians working in every area of the UK music industry, including music education.

We work to maximise the employment and overall income of musicians as well as protecting and improving working conditions. We also offer advice, support and legal assistance based on every individual member’s needs.

We lobby government at all levels and campaign on a national and international scale on issues of relevance to our members.

We actively oppose all forms of harassment, prejudice and unfair discrimination whether on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic or national origin, religion, colour, class, caring responsibilities, marital status, sexuality, disability, age, or other status or personal characteristic.

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Get in touch if you have any questions about our services, membership or how the MU could help you. You can also contact us for press enquiries.

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What lies at the heart at what we do

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Musicians' Union brings together musicians to:

Protect and empower members

  • To work with and advise members on all aspects of the music profession
  • To challenge poor industry practices
  • To protect members’ health and well-being and provide assistance in times of need
  • To foster an appreciation for the role of music education in shaping the music industry of the future

Maximise work and income

  • To negotiate agreements with employers, engagers and music users that maximise work and income for members
  • To empower and assist members to achieve better pay and conditions throughout their career
  • To campaign for changes to industry which will increase parity, work opportunities and income for members

Encourage activism

  • To encourage a sense of community and build solidarity amongst members and active support for one another
  • To encourage activism amongst members and participation in the decision-making processes of the Union

Amplify members’ voices

  • To publicise music as a profession and its value to society
  • To consult members on the work of the Union and always act in their best interests
  • To campaign and lobby central and local government, and devolved administrations, on issues relevant to musicians
  • To increase the profile of the Union within the music industry, the trade union movement and the general public

Improve inclusivity, diversity and representation

  • To actively oppose all forms of harassment, prejudice, discrimination and unfairness
  • To encourage inclusivity, diversity and representation
  • To highlight best practices and publicly challenge entrenched attitudes

Grow our community

  • To recruit and retain all those who would benefit from being organised or using our services
  • To ensure services, benefits and activities meet the needs of members in all UK nations and regions and are equally accessible to all
  • To build relationships with individuals and organisations which further the Union’s aims

Be an agile, sustainable, modern union

  • To keep pace with technological advances, ensuring members receive a modern, effective and efficient service
  • To consider our impact on the environment and actively campaign for and work towards a greener music industry
  • To manage finances responsibly and achieve the best possible value for members

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MU Rules

As a trade union, our Rules are an important resource for members and provide a framework for our activities and democratic structure

Read more about MU Rules
Principles guiding and driving our mission and goals

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Our core values as a collective are:

  • Community - every member is part of a community of over 34,000 musicians
  • Solidarity - we stick together and support each other
  • Democracy - every member has a say and that's what makes us strong
  • Equality - levelling the playing field, enabling all musicians to do their job
  • Inclusivity - valuing and respecting our differences as our strength
  • Justice - giving members access to justice at work
  • Fairness - resetting the balance of power
  • Independence - we're here for our members - no ulterior motive, no agenda

Explore our key principles and policies that put our values into practice

How we work to serve our members well

Our Culture

Our Culture

At the Musicians' Union we aim to work with:


  • Care about the reputation of the Union
  • Take ownership of issues
  • Dedicated to improving my skills and knowledge
  • Being passionate about supporting members


  • Work collaboratively with colleagues to maximise efficiency and achieve the best outcomes for members
  • Communicate clearly and regularly with colleagues and members
  • Build relationships with external parties to strengthen the reputation of the Union
  • Being flexible and adaptable to the needs of the organisation and its members

Honesty and transparency

  • Provide members with clarity and transparency in all communication
  • Being honest with colleagues and members
  • Being open to change and learning


  • Treat colleagues, members and industry counterparts with dignity and respect
  • Being positive, reliable and professional
  • Being inclusive and understanding of the needs of others

Care and support

  • Contribute to a culture of solidarity and active support for colleagues and members
  • Positively impact the wellbeing of colleagues and members


  • Trust in the knowledge and expertise of colleagues

Explore our internal principles and policies that frame our culture

Ethical Policy

Our commitment to behave ethically and ensure, as much as possible, that we work with organisations that meet the same standards

Read more about Ethical Policy
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Meet the team

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