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Free of charge membership benefits for refugee musicians

Being an MU member gives refugees access to the union's full range of advice and services to help continue use their skills and build career in the UK with trade union protection. Refugee musicians can access services needed for work such as contract advice and insurance, like £10m Public Liability Insurance and up to £3,000 instrument / equipment insurance.

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KMT Freedom Teacher and Kensaye, performing at Southbank Centre's Riverside. Counterpoints Art and Southbank collaboration for Refugee Week 2021

Benefits for refugee musicians

Advice and resources

About the Refugee Musicians Membership

What is the Refugee Musicians Membership?

The MU's Refugee Membership allows refugee musicians to access the MU membership benefits and services for one year free of charge.  After the first year members start paying for the membership category they want to be on.

The MU is grateful to be working with the fantastic Counterpoints Arts, a leading national organisation in the field of arts, migration and cultural change. Their mission is to support and produce the arts by and about migrants and refugees, seeking to ensure that their contributions are recognised and welcomed within British arts, history, and culture. 

Working across all art forms their belief is that arts can inspire social change and enhance inclusion and cultural integration of refugee and migrants. 

Who is Refugee Musicians Membership for?

The MU is home to musicians working across all sectors of the music business from busking, teaching and playing in orchestras, to singing. We welcome professional musicians from all walks of life to join, whether you are already working as a musician, or aspiring to get into a career as a musician.

As most MU membership benefits and services are work-related, it’s best suited for musicians eligible to work in the UK.

How can refugees and asylum seekers benefit from MU membership?

With one year of payment free MU membership we can help refugee musicians to continue their passion and perform professionally with the peace of mind that they have trade union protection and membership benefits.

Will the MU help with my refugee/asylum case? 

No. What the MU can do as a trade union is to help maximise the employment and overall income of musicians as well as protecting and improving working conditions. It also offers advice, support, legal assistance on music related matters. 

I'm a refugee. How do I join the MU?

Musicians who are refugees or asylum seekers in the UK wanting to join the MU on the Refugee Membership can do so via our partner organisation Counterpoints Arts by emailing

Counterpoints Arts will act as a conduit between eligible members and the MU.