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Want to try out MU membership for a year?

There are many ways that joining the MU can help you build a successful career as a musician. If you haven't been a member of the MU before, get started with our Join for £1 scheme so you can try out our member benefits and join the largest community of musicians in the UK.

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About MU membership

Why should musicians be members of the Musicians' Union?

Musicians' Union (MU) is the trade union for musicians in the UK with members from all sectors of the music business. 

As a community of over 34,000 musicians we collectively work to maximise the employment and overall income of musicians, as well as protect and improve working conditions. Every member gets advice, support and legal assistance based on their needs.

When you are a musician and a member of the trade union, you can have a say and make a change in your music sector or in your local area. Learn more about what the MU does.

Is membership of the MU for me?

Whether you are a full-time professional musician, occasional gig player, part-time music teacher, or anything in between – MU membership is for all musicians.

If you are a student, a disabled musician or a current member of a partner organisation, you may want to look into our other membership rates.

Do I have to be a full-time musician to be a member of the MU?

Musicians from all walks of life can join the MU, whether you are starting to pursue your career in music, occasionally playing music on streets or in pubs, or are employed as a musician. Most of our members combine various jobs and professions.

Am I eligible for 'Join for a Pound' scheme?

You can take advantage of the 'Join for a Pound' scheme if you:

  • Have never been a member before OR
  • Paid a student rate last time you were a member OR
  • Haven't been a member for the last five years

Our scheme allows you to pay £1 for the first six months of an annual membership. After your first six months, you will be charged by direct debit at the regular monthly cost for your remaining six months. The direct debit will automatically renew at the end of the year and you will pay the full rate thereafter.

Join the MU for a pound

Read our full terms and conditions for more details or refer to our Help Centre.

Why musicians join the MU