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Why I Joined the MU: Scott Bowley

Scott Bowley tells us about signing a record deal with his band 13XL, and how the MU supported him through the process.

Published: 20 August 2019 | 12:00 AM Updated: 17 December 2021 | 6:10 PM
Portrait of Scott Bowley
“The instrument insurance and Public Liability Insurance give me peace of mind when I’m out gigging or running events." - Scott Bowley.

“The MU gave me a huge amount of support at a crucial point in my career when I was in the process of signing a record deal with my band 13XL.

“The Contract Advisory Service gave me access to expert legal advice that I found hugely valuable. I appreciated being given the choice of doing things over the phone, in person or having the contract marked up with all the solicitor’s recommendations emailed over to me to then send onto the label. I’m really happy with how the deal shaped up.

“The instrument insurance and Public Liability Insurance give me peace of mind when I’m out gigging or running events.

“I think the MU also plays a vital, broader role in campaigning on behalf of all musicians in the UK.”

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About Scott

Scott Bowley's presence has been felt in underground music scenes for quite some time; the techno party he co-runs, World Unknown, was once heralded by VICE as “London’s Wildest Night Out”. He also makes up one third of the band Crushed Beaks.

Most recently, Scott formed the pop duo 13XL along with Xena Hussain. Together they’ve been creating an underground buzz with their incendiary live shows, playing everywhere from warehouse raves to DIY skateparks to international fashion shows. Their multicultural fusion of influences offers a mirror to a divided nation. Combining Xena’s love of trap with Scott’s melancholic emo guitar and warped synths, 13XL exist in a space where club turn up meets post-rave come down.

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