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What is FEU training and how you can benefit from it

FEU stands for the Federation of Entertainment Unions and represents people working in the media and entertainment industries – one of the fast-growing parts of the economy worth more than £111bn to the UK. The MU got together with other unions in the entertainment sector to maximise lobbying power and resources.

With Equity, The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and National Union of Journalists, the MU provides joint support to its members through FEU Training.

Digital access to training

Sadly, the Government recently decided to pull funding for all unionlearn skills development programmes including FEU Training. The live training programme has closed 31 March 2021.

While FEU Training can no longer offer you live online and face-to-face training and support, you will still have free access to FEU's digital learning centre, which contains a variety of learning opportunities including learning modules, tutorials, recorded webinars and e-courses such as:

  • Acting for Equality and Diversity
  • Blogging for creative freelances
  • Building your brand
  • Building your web presence
  • Creative productivity
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Finance for freelances
  • Marketing for freelances
  • Negotiation for freelances
  • Overcoming freelance challenges
  • Running a social media campaign
  • Stress busting

When you are an MU member, you get access to FEU training for free.

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