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1. Hashtag & tag

Look at similar artists and labels and who they’re hashtagging. Make sure that you are on all those hashtags and that will naturally expand your audience. You’ll start reaching the right people.

2. Connect your professional account

Get a professional account to connect it to Facebook. This will enable you to post across the platforms, have access to analytical data and Facebook Ad Manager.

3. Cater your content

Never repost wordy statuses from Facebook. Instagram is very visual, and the attention span of your average Instagrammer is a lot less than Facebook.

Direct engagement with your own Insta community will pay dividends. The platform’s users prefer personal messages to corporate PR posts.

4. Use Linktree

Use Linktree to collate all your important links onto one page so that interested parties can check your music out on a more suitable platform.

5. Keep up with Instagram features

Pay attention to the latest Instagram products, which will always receive increased bandwidth so more people will see it in your fanbase, and further.

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