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Get financial support

No one knows how long the cost of living crisis will last. From parental grants, to the Benevolent Fund, you can get help when you're in need.

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Guidance and advice

Get paid fairly

Always check what you should be paid for your work. The MU's Rates of Pay provide a trusted source for recommended or agreed minimum rates for all musicians.

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Find job opportunities

Check job adverts on the websites of trusted organisations and companies. It's still possible to find a new role despite the cost-of-living crisis.

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Recording royalties

Over £1.4m distributed in royalties in 2022

The MU licenses performances of non-featured artists on commercial recordings and makes monthly distributions to musicians. If you're aware of any commercial audio performance you took part in as a session player that's being used on TV, film, or in advertising, contact us. Amid the cost of living crisis in the UK, it's crucial to get what you're entitled to.

Royalties distributed by the MU
a musician in a recording studio

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Get a membership that suits your budget

MU membership is essential to your work as a musician, especially during the cost of living crisis. Explore the different membership rates we offer and make it work within your budget.

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Get a membership that suits your budget

Topical stories

Find a Fair Play Venue

Peckham Levels

Venue hosting live gigs and club nights either in 450-standing capacity Gig Space or 150-standing capacity Auditorium.

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The Shed

A community space with a cafe bar offering live music, open mic nights, comedy and networking events.

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The Slaughtered Lamb

A contemporary pub venue with an entertainment space in the basement for live music, club nights, DJ’s and comedy.

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The Tin Music and Arts

An artistic hub (with artist’s studio and Community Space) offering events across two neighbouring premises which books established and international acts, as well as local homegrown talent.

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The Tolbooth

A city centre-based contemporary music and arts venue, with programmes featuring music from established performers of all genres, as well as upcoming artists and bands.

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Can a UBI keep music live?

The idea of a universal basic income has been around for centuries. Now, the MU and many others believe its time has come.

Can a UBI keep music live?