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Mouth Health for Brass and Wind Players

The MU in collaboration with the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) are delighted to present this webinar which considers some of the wider factors that may affect the oral health of orchestral instrumental players.

Last updated: 02 December 2021

We hear from Jo Downes, a dental hygienist, on oral health advice and tips, including dry mouth, traumatic ulcers, dry/cracked and sore lips, Angular Cheilitis, prosthetic (denture) retention and Frictional Keratosis.

We hear from Michael Mehta an osteopath on the influences of posture on the position of the embouchure - how shoulder, neck and jaw tension have a bearing on our facial muscles. Learn about how we can minimise these to support your instrumental playing and maintain the embouchure in good health.

We also take a brief look at some of the dysfunctions that can occur (e.g musician’s focal dystonia) and how these can be addressed. Practical demonstrations are included on seated posture and working with jaw muscles.

Use the time stamps below to fast track to any relevant sections.

Jo Downes, Dental Hygienist – 1:31

  • Traumatic ulcers – 7:49
  • Dry or cracked lips - 8.47
  • Angular Cheilitis - 9.16
  • Frictional Keratosis – 9.35
  • Herpes Labialis – 10:10
  • Denture retention – 10.31
  • Solutions (lubricants, gels, balms, toothpastes, mouthwash, melts and mints, water) – 10:55
  • Oral Health – What Not to do (Bad Habits) – 13.15
  • Oral cancer risk factors – 16:21
  • Safer smiles, advice on making cosmetic procedures safe - 20:48

Michael Mehta Osteopath - 25:40

  • About BAPAM – 31:07
  • Postural influences on oral health (jaw, jaw muscles and embouchure) - 32:08
  • Practical demonstration on seated posture - 38:32
  • Breathing mechanics – 52:37
  • Jaw muscles - 58:35
  • Practical demonstration on working with jaw muscles - 1:01:53
  • Focal dystonia – 1:12:56

If you require support or assistance please find the details of support services available to you, including the MU’s benevolent fund.

To book an appointment with a BAPAM practitioner please visit BAPAM website.

For support with dystonia please visit Dystonia UK website and read this BAPAM factsheet on Focal Dystonia.

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