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These are two different routes and have to be treated separately depending if you are an employed or a freelance musician.

Online Interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tool

If you want to look at things in more detail, or get guidance on the sorts of problems that can arise, you can use the free Online Interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tool.

This tool was developed for the entertainment/music sector involving all sides, including the unions.

It shows you the range of problems that may need to be considered. It is also a good refresher if you have done an RA before, and user friendly.

You can look at it as much or as little as you choose – you don’t have to do every part of it, just those you are concerned with. It is also something you can refer venues or producers to look at if they need assistance in meeting their obligations.

This is your own RA to help you and those you work with. What you need to supply to those booking you is covered next.

Organising your own event

If you are organising an event or production, or are involved in any way, then the OiRA tool is an excellent introduction and guide for what you need to do.

The principal aim of the tool is to help small productions know what they need to cover.

The tool results are particularly useful for touring events as the results apply to the requirements in all European Community countries (and set out standards that will assist anywhere in the world.)

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