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Audio Network Agreement

Updated: 19 January 2022 | 15:14 PM

Rates of pay for the recording and use of Audio Network production music effective from 1st January 2022. 

Minimum recording fees 

3-hour session £185.00 
4-hour session £246.00 

Overtime (max 30 mins) 

Overtime shall be paid pro rata at the rate of 150% of the recording session fee. 

Performance on additional instrument 

Doubling  plus 25% of session time and overtime 
Trebling  plus 40% of session fee and overtime 


Performers required to over-dub their own performance shall be paid an additional fee of 110% of the recording session fee for each over-dub. 


Group A £21.45 
Group B £16.10 (cap £25.00) 
Group C £10.70
Group D by negotiation