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We Are Behind Every Musician

We are a community of over 30,000 musicians working to protect our members' rights and campaign for a fairer music industry.

We Are Behind Every Musician

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World Menopause Day: Gender Equality in Long Term Careers

This World Menopause Day, which in 2021 lands on Monday18 October, we look at how the music industry must look at ways to support women and people who experience symptoms of menopause to achieve a more gender balanced workforce.

Published: 18 October 2021

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Two hands holding and playing a clarinet, with a blurred background of music stands.
27 Oct 2021

Mouth Health for Orchestral Players

In collaboration with BAPAM we will focuses on mouth health for orchestral players, looking at the dysfunctions that can occur like focal dystonia and oral health advice and tips on areas including dry mouth, ulcers and sore lips.

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27 Oct 2021

Unconscious Bias Training

This session defines unconscious bias, investigates why it is inherent in us all and how we can recognise and deal with it at work.

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29 Oct 2021

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation sessions tailored specifically for musicians, based on Ascension meditation techniques.

Online Member only
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29 Oct 2021


Learn how to re-set a stressed body using the Feldenkrais method in these free, weekly Feldenkrais Method sessions.

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We can fix streaming

Call on Government to put the value of music back where it belongs – in your hands.

We can fix streaming

Find a Fair Play Venue

Zigfrid Von Underbelly

Underbelly aims to offer original live acts to perform in the heart of Shoreditch / Hoxton in a 220 capacity sized venue 7 nights a week.

Shoreditch LB Hackney
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Village Underground

We are a medium-sized venue in Shoreditch, we pride ourselves on programming artists from around the world and across different genres.

LB Hackney
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The Troubadour is an historic, intimate venue offering emerging musicians a chance to showcase their burgeoning talent since opening in 1954.

Kensington and Chelsea The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
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Trades Club

The Trades Club is a 200 capacity music venue in the town of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Hebden Bridge
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Tower of Song

The Tower of Song features music to suit all tastes and each night of the week has a different theme.

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Toulouse Lautrec

Venue consists of two music rooms. Small to medium sized. Piano bar for jazz soloists and duos to provide subtle music for all types of guests.

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Medium city centre venue that was once a cargo ship. Originally opened in 1982 as an entertainment venue, it was also the canvas for an early Banksy.

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