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Regional and Touring Theatre

How to find work as a musicians in regional theatres, pantomimes and tours.

Last updated: 14 October 2021

The MU has a collective bargaining agreement with UK Theatre (UKT), which covers regional and touring theatre.

Regional theatres will often book local musicians depending on who the MD is. Regional ‘subsidised’ theatres engaging musicians for a run of a show are less likely to use a fixer. Budgets are tighter and the fees for musicians reflect this as being lower than the more commercial touring musicals.

It is often the case that a regional theatre will only be able to afford to produce one musical per year - most likely a Pantomime. The best way to get involved in the local theatre scene is by working for local amateur dramatic companies, get a taste for theatre pit work and make a name for yourself on the local scene. Visit your local theatre and if possible get to know the MD and the other musicians.

Like the West End most major commercial tours are managed by Fixers. If you can get a job on a tour this is often a good way into working in the West End. Again fixers are only likely to book you if you can prove you have the relevant experience and/or come highly recommended.

Touring musicians may find this Digs list useful.

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