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MU Safe Space Scheme

Report to the MU in confidence

No one should experience or fear sexual harassment, abuse, bullying or discrimination on campus or at work. That’s why the Musicians’ Union set up the Safe Space scheme.

What is MU's Safe Space

Safe Space exists to provide a safe space for all musicians to share instances of sexism, sexual harassment and sexual abuse in the music industry.

You can report your experiences by:

All calls and emails are treated in the strictest confidence and no action will be taken on your behalf without your prior consent. 

Why MU's Safe Space exists

A recent MU survey revealed that 48% of musicians have been sexually harassed at work. Not only have almost half of musicians experienced harassment at work, but:

  • 85% did not report it
  • 58% have witnessed it
  • 61% believe freelancers are at higher risk of being sexually harassed while working

We want to build up a picture of the problems that exist and seek long term solutions. We are campaigning for laws to protect musicians at work and are on a mission to create cultural change within the music industry.

Our principles

We always start from a position of belief.  We never blame victim. We understand that the survivor is never responsible. 

We aim for Safe Space to be a safe place for survivors to report without fear of unwanted consequences.

We respect requests for confidentiality and/or anonymity and aim to deliver on this. It is always your choice whether you want us to investigate or follow up in any way.

However, there may come a point where we cannot maintain confidentiality or anonymity in order to act and we will make this clear in order to give you a choice as to whether to move forward or not.

What the MU’s Safe Space can do

Our Safe Space provides everyone with:

  • advice on your rights
  • information about relevant support services
  • advice on your options and further steps in cases of bullying, discrimination and other inappropriate behaviour

We can also help MU members with:

  • raising a complaint with an employer, engager, or even directly with the perpetrator 
  • seeking redress
  • disciplinary action under MU rules

What the MU’s Safe Space cannot do

We cannot provide counselling. But we will always provide information on relevant support services

We are very limited in terms of what can be done industrially to address a complaint of a sexual assault. 

We cannot guarantee the outcome that you want.

How to get involved in the movement

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