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End Sexual Harassment at Work

Help change the law to protect all self-employed musicians.

48%* musicians have experienced sexual harassment at work
85%* did not report it
61%* believe freelancers are at higher risk of being sexually harassed while working

Freelancers like musicians often miss out on protection from sexual harassment at work. That’s why we’re calling on the Government to protect freelancers too.

* Source: MU member research of 700+ participants, conducted in 2019.

Help us to end sexual harassment in the workplace

Behind Every Musician

Government Response to Consultation

The MU welcomes Government’s commitment to introducing a mandatory duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment at work. But it does not adequately protect all of our members. Government must ensure the duty protects freelancers too.

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In this episode on "Sexism and sexual harassment in the music industry" Naomi Pohl, Deputy General Secretary of the Musicians'  Union, talks to Katie on Music Works podcast about the problems of discrimination and harassment musicians can face, and how the Union has created their online Safe Space facility to help victims report incidents in confidence and receive the support they need.

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Anyone who believes they have been the victim of inappropriate sexual or discriminatory conduct can contact MU Safe Space

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