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The MU has forged partnerships with four organisations able to help individuals address problems long before they spiral out of control, and provide expert advice or financial support at times of crisis. The quartet comprises the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM), Help Musicians UKMusic Support and the Royal Society of Musicians (RSM).

At the MU we want as many people as possible to know what these organisations have to offer. We work to help musicians find the most appropriate support. BAPAM offers free clinics to professionals in the performing arts, while the RSM can provide financial help in tough times. Getting a combination of funding and support from these organisations can make a massive difference.

British Association for Performing Arts Medicine

In partnership with the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM), the MU provides members with access to health care expressly designed for performing artists. The nationwide services available through BAPAM include access to free confidential clinics, providing in-depth medical assessments by specialist practitioners, and a dedicated helpline that supplies advice and information on medical issues for performing artists. 

BAPAM has clinics in Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Portsmouth.

BAPAM also has help resources on its website to advise musicians on how to keep in peak condition even when the demands of the job make this difficult. For example, the charity suggests ways of looking after yourself on tour and how to maintain a work-life balance. BAPAM has also started producing guidance for organisations and practitioners on a number of issues that affect musicians, such as hearing conservation, vocal rehabilitation, and mental health and wellbeing services, which are very helpful in ensuring members are signposted to the correct services for treatment.

For more information, a list of complementary and mainstream practitioners, and guidance on staying fit and healthy, please visit

Help Musicians

Help Musicians has listened to and helped thousands of musicians since its foundation almost a century. Help Musicians collaborates across the industry to support musicians and those who work with them.Their partnership with BAPAM provides a range of health services, including a healthy touring package for wellbeing on tour developed through the Do It Differently fund for independent musicians. ago. 

Learn more about what Help Musicins UK does for health and welfare of musicians.

Hearing Health Scheme

In partnership with Musicians Hearing Services and the MU, together we've created the Musicians Hearing Health Scheme for musicians in the UK. This is a scheme to give all musicians affordable access to specialist hearing assessments and bespoke hearing protection.

Music Minds Matter

Music Minds Matter provides emotional support, advice and information, signsposts to other specialist services, debt and legal advice. You can also access to Help Musicians UK grants. The programme grew from a 2016 study commissioned by Help Musicians from the University of Westminster and MusicTank. The study has found that over 71% of the 2,211 self-selected respondents to the Music Minds Matter survey reported an experience of panic attacks or high levels of anxiety. Over two thirds, meanwhile, reported experiencing depression.

When you are struggling to cope, or know someone who is, you can talk to Music Minds Matter. It doesn’t have to be a crisis, or about music. The Music Minds Matter Counsellors are here to listen, support and help at any time. 

Visit Music Minds Matter

Music Support

Music Support is a registered charity founded in April 2016 by people from inside the UK music industry.

Music Support provides help and support for those in or employed by the UK music industry affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction. The charity also facilitates education and learning via workshops and training to musicians and organisations in the music industry so they may be better equipped in the areas of awareness, early intervention and prevention.

Royal Society of Musicians

The Royal Society of Musicians provides vital financial assistance, advice and guidance to those professionally active in the world of music but who are unable to work due to accident, illness or old age.

The charity recognises the precarious nature of freelance life and responds to requests from those in need. It makes grants to professional musicians, whether active or retired, others professionally involved in the world of music, or their families and dependents. The Society’s investment capital and income from annual membership fees, bequests and fundraising generates sufficient cash to cover, among other things, healthcare costs, unexpected costs in old age and funeral expenses, and helps ameliorate hardship arising from being unable to work. Its assistance, delivered in confidence, also runs to counselling, financial advice, rehabilitation or making referrals to specialist practitioners.

The vocational nature of being a musician, where an individual’s identity is so fundamentally defined by their calling, can be both blessing and curse.

People are absolutely dedicated to their art. It can be devastating to find that they can no longer sing or play. We’re able to provide long-term financial assistance to those whose health conditions mean they will never work again.
The RSM’s chief executive Charlotte Penton-Smith

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