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The MU has forged partnerships with four organisations able to help individuals address problems long before they spiral out of control, and provide expert advice or financial support at times of crisis. The quartet comprises the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM), Help Musicians UKMusic Support and the Royal Society of Musicians (RSM).

Musicians' Hearing Health Scheme

Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable. Protect your hearing and access musician-specialist audiologists and bespoke hearing protection at an affordable price.

Hundreds of MU members from all over the UK access the Musicians' Hearing Health Scheme every year, accessing:

  • An audiological assessment and ear check up from a specialist in musicians' hearing
  • One set of custom-made, specialist musicians' ear plugs
  • Expert advice on referral routes and next steps to manage any problems, including contact with your GP
  • Subsidised wax removal if necessary

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Healthcare for performing artists

The MU provides its members with access to healthcare expressly designed for performing artists, in partnership with the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM). The nationwide services available through BAPAM include access to:

BAPAM is also producing health guidance for performing arts sector organisations and healthcare practitioners on a number of issues that affect musicians, such as hearing conservation, vocal rehabilitation, and mental health and wellbeing services, which are very helpful in ensuring musicians are signposted to the correct services for treatment.

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Health and welfare for musicians

Help Musicians has listened to and helped thousands of musicians since its foundation almost a century. The charity collaborates across the industry to support musicians and those who work with them. Through Help Musicians musicians can get:

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Mental health and emotional support

  • Musicians can access emotional support, advice and information, signposts to other specialist services, debt and legal advice through Music Minds Matter. When you are struggling to cope, or know someone who is, you can talk to Music Minds Matter. It doesn’t have to be a crisis, or about music. The Music Minds Matter Counsellors are here to listen, support and help at any time. Visit Music Minds Matter
  • Music Support chairty provides help and support for those in or employed by the UK music industry affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction. The charity also facilitates education and learning via workshops and training to musicians and organisations in the music industry so they may be better equipped in the areas of awareness, early intervention and prevention.

Financial support for musicians unable to work

The Royal Society of Musicians provides vital financial assistance, advice and guidance to those professionally active in the world of music but who are unable to work due to accident, illness or old age.

The charity recognises the precarious nature of freelance life and responds to requests from those in need. It makes grants to professional musicians, whether active or retired, others professionally involved in the world of music, or their families and dependents. The Society’s investment capital and income from annual membership fees, bequests and fundraising generates sufficient cash to cover, among other things, healthcare costs, unexpected costs in old age and funeral expenses, and helps ameliorate hardship arising from being unable to work. Its assistance, delivered in confidence, also runs to counselling, financial advice, rehabilitation or making referrals to specialist practitioners.

The vocational nature of being a musician, where an individual’s identity is so fundamentally defined by their calling, can be both blessing and curse.

People are absolutely dedicated to their art. It can be devastating to find that they can no longer sing or play. We’re able to provide long-term financial assistance to those whose health conditions mean they will never work again.
The RSM’s chief executive Charlotte Penton-Smith

Mental health training

Tonic Rider is a programme from the registered charity Tonic Music for Mental Health with the aim of promoting good mental health in the music industry by providing bespoke training and support. The programme is open to all music industry professionals in the UK and consists of the following online courses, groups and workshops:

  • Peer support groups (funded by Help Musicians)
  • Mental health first sid (MHFA England accredited)
  • Suicide first aid lite (City & Guilds assured)
  • ACT skills
  • Emotional resilience
  • Managing performance anxiety
  • Wellbeing group

Courses, groups and workshops are led by facilitators with experience working in mental health and music, each using a non-clinical approach to equip music industry professionals with the skills to support themselves, their colleagues and the wider music community.

Tonic Rider also provides free online mental health resources in the form of blogs, guides and videos including:

  • Everybody Hurts: Help with Depression
  • Suicide Prevention Safety Plan

Explore Tonic Rider programme and resources

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