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Concert Music Commissions

Updated: 27 October 2022 | 14:17 PM

Note that the recommended figures are media and all rates are subject to individual negotiation. It cannot be assumed that the commissioning party will apply any specific rate unless it has been previously agreed as a matter of contract.

Fee guidelines for concert music commissions, 2008

Solo Works
(including works for piano, harp and keyboard)
£250 per minute
A Capella Choral Work or Chamber Ensemble
(2-9 players, SATB and choral works accompanied by a solo instrument)
£400 per minute
Electronic Music 
(compositional element only) 
£425 per minute
Large Chamber Ensemble 
(10-20 players) 
£450 per minute
Chamber Orchestra, Brass Band and Symphonic Wind Ensemble  £600 per minute
Symphony Orchestra  £750 per minute
Orchestral Works with Soloist(s) and/or Chorus  £800 per minute


Instrumental/Vocal Works with Pre-Recorded Material

Rates should be commensurate with those recommended for the appropriate instrumental forces employed. A further 50% should be charged for preparation of the pre-recordings.

Opera, Music Theatre or Dance

Rates should be commensurate with those recommended for the instrumental forces employed. An appropriate amount for reducing the score to a rehearsal keyboard part should be charged in addition.

Fee Guidelines for Composers attending Performances of leading Educational Projects

Please note that the following guidelines do not take account of travel fees or fees for any preliminary meetings relating to the project.  These should be negotiated separately, as should overnight accommodation where relevant. 
These guidelines do not apply in respect of a composer’s normal attendance at rehearsals of his/her works, particularly in the case of a first performance. 

Pre-Concert Talk, Lecture or Interview or other Personal Appearance  £165
Workshop/Educational Project Work 

£220 per session;

£400 per day



  • It is recommended that 50% of the fee is payable on agreement of the commission, and 50% payable on presentation of the finished score. 
  • The cost of the preparation of performing materials is not included in the commissioning fee for the composer: the current rates can be obtained from  
  • The Librettist’s fee should be negotiated separately; it should not form part of the composition fee.  The Librettist’s fee for an original, full completed work is usually equivalent to 25% to 40% of the composer’s fee. 
  • Copyright of the work remains with the composer 
  • The Musicians’ Union also produces a simple standard contract which covers the commissioning of a new, unpublished concert piece.   

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