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Feldenkrais sessions

MU members can access free weekly online Feldenkrais sessions. Registration is required. Members can access recordings of these sessions by emailing

The Feldenkrais Method is based on sound principles of neuroplasticity, physics and physiology, optimising brain connections with our skeleton, muscles and soft tissues.

Benefits of using the Feldenkrais Method include:

  • Reduce tension, pain and discomfort
  • Be the musician within that you know you can be.
  • Improve your stage presence and posture
  • Reduce anxiety both on and off stage
  • Discover easier breathing and movement
  • Find greater ease and freedom in your musical expression

Neuroscientists such as Norman Doidge have shown that the brain is able to re-wire and constantly keep learning throughout life, contrary to old ideas that we stop learning when we are adult. You can change how you are, and how you move at any age, if you understand how to `re-wire' your nervous system and commit a little time and effort to the process.

Habitual patterns or movements, embedded in our nervous system, often become outmoded or dysfunctional, creating unnecessary limitations. They can cause pain, tension, amplify performance anxiety, and stage fright – or just not allow you to play at the top of your game.

Through this unique combination of explorative movement and learning greater physical self-awareness you will discover and develop your ability to move ‘intelligently’. This will improve your posture, strength and flexibility in the way you move and play.

About the teacher

Emma Alter is both professional classical musician and Feldenkrais teacher. She brings a wealth of experience with her – understanding the pressures of standing in front of an audience and performing at the highest level, whatever the situation, the complexities of playing an instrument, and how the body can get in the way of performing to our optimum. She has helped musicians with postural issues, restricted movement, chronic tension (including back pain and RSI) improve or simply to find more efficient ways to play more easily.

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Meditation based on Ascension meditation techniques

MU members can access free weekly online meditation sessions. Members can access recordings of these sessions by emailing

In each of these weekly Meditation sessions, Shukri Devi provides insight to a particular aspect of the musician's lifestyle, career and the difficulties the mind can often create during practice and performance. This is followed by a guided meditation and questions are encouraged afterwards.

Ascension is a mechanical system of techniques which takes you to the still, silent space in each of us. These weekly sessions are an introduction to this still, silent space.

About the teacher

Shukri Devi has been a professional violinist for over 20 years. She has toured extensively across the world with a variety of different groups, from chamber/symphony orchestras to pop artists, and now works predominantly in the West End. Her current show is & Juliet in the Shaftesbury Theatre.

Shukri has been meditating for ten years & became a teacher of her practice, Ascension, in 2016.

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The meditation sessions have been brilliant at addressing not only levels of daily stress, but also how to use the techniques to help with performance, practice, creativity and the wider anxieties of the world.

Janie Armour

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06 Jun 2022

Guided Meditation

These guided meditation sessions, delivered by Shukri Devi Ishaya, are based on Ascension meditation techniques. An extremely efficient and powerful meditation practice, it is non-religious, with no belief system required.

Online Member only
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