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Take Action Against Buyouts

Buyouts vs Royalties: why media composers are taking action #FairScore

35%* media composers have taken buyouts or work for hire deals
41%* had to give away more of their mechanical rights than they wanted to
64%* report the commissioning environment is coercive

* Source: Ivors Academy Commissioning Survey, 2019

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Kevin Sargent

Yes. I do. And the 18 musicians who played on it get repeat fees every three years, thanks @WeAreTheMU . We had no idea this ad would run like this for almost twenty years. Thank you, people of Ireland, and @GuinnessIreland of course. #composersagainstbuyouts

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Holding on to the rights,or some of them, is the only way many composers earn any money at all from their work . They have value which is why productions want to keep them for themselves .Buyouts tend not to work for creators . (Sorry for looking like a Dracula )

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Game Sound Design Buy-Out contracts are some of the worst I have seen to date. Currently saying no to all game contracts that exclude royalties.

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PRS Fund insta

“We believe that music has immense value and we must make sure that composers' rights are protected and they get a fair compensation for their work". Nicky Graham, Chair of the Fund.

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I know as composers early on in our careers, it is SO tempting and hard to resist handing over your rights for an upfront payment, but in the long run it actually hurts us and the industry as a whole

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Buyouts vs Royalties: why media composers are taking action #ComposersAgainstBuyouts

Watch the video looking at buyouts, royalties, and protecting your future. 

Want to know more? Read frequently asked questions about the buyouts.

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