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Touring in the EU - Live Event Recording

Watch the recording of the Touring in the EU post Brexit event from 24 February 2022.

Published: 01 March 2022 | 4:19 PM Updated: 23 October 2023 | 3:52 PM
Open passport showing country stamps, lying over a map of the world.
The ability to travel and work freely and easily in the EU is of paramount importance to UK musicians. Image credit: Shutterstock.

On 24 February, the MU’s National Organiser for Live Performance, Dave Webster, joined a special Carry on Touring campaign panel to discuss touring in the EU and the related issues and solutions post Brexit. The seminar, running as part of The Kirklees Year of Music, was streamed via Youtube and you can watch a recording of this below.

About the seminar

Dave joined organisers Sarah Hutton and Pat Fulgoni (Chocolate Fireguard), as well as Kirklees musicians, technical professionals, music industry professionals and those working in the cultural industries to talk to the Carry On Touring campaign to find out how things have changed for touring and trading in the EU post Brexit. The aim of the seminar was to not only cover the issues these changes have caused, but to also discuss the solutions.

The key take away points from the seminar include:

  • Read the detail – don’t just read guidance headlines
  • Change your mindset so you understand you’re essentially exporting when you’re going on tour in the EU
  • Artists need to remind bookers and promoters in the EU that it won’t cost them anymore to use UK acts than it used to
  • Get bookers and promoters to provide backline where possible – this may prevent the need for a carnet
  • If you want to sell merch, explore ways for it to be manufactured and stored in the country/ies you’re going to

About the Carry on Touring campaign

Carry on Touring is an umbrella campaign which all those who tour – and rely on touring - can support and sit under. This public facing campaign brings together voices from across the touring, cultural and creative industries sectors to secure cross-party support for Tim Brennan’s petition and campaign for the only realistic solution, a pan European EU visa and work permit waiver to be negotiated.

The strength of this campaign is that it is inclusive, reaching across the sector, industry, and political parties.

Additional resources for our members

The ability to travel and work freely and easily in the EU is of paramount importance to UK musicians. For this reason, we have put together a new and updated advice pack on guidance on crossing the EU border, as well as a comprehensive flowchart guide to working in Europe.

If you still require advice on working and performing overseas after consulting these pages, please contact the team via

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