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young female musician on stage with a microphone, with drums in the background

Let's Talk About Universal Basic Income

Revolutionise how musicians work and live with a universal basic income.

38%* musicians excluded from Government’s Covid-19 pandemic income support schemes*
45% * of young musicians left out of furlough and Self Employment Income Support*
2K* creatives including musicians supported in Ireland’s UBI pilot scheme**

Get involved in the debate about a universal basic income.

* Source: *MU Covid-19 Impact Polls, 2020 and **

Call for a UBI to keep music live

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Watch: What is Universal Basic Income?

Everyone’s talking about a ‘citizen’s income’ or ‘basic income’, but what on earth is it?! Watch this short new explainer video by RSA for a quick rundown of the basics. 

Latest news

General Secretary Naomi Pohl stands in discussion outside of the Royal Opera House

2023 End of Year Round Up

MU General Secretary Naomi Pohl reports back on the work that the Union has done through 2023, as well as setting out some of MU’s intentions for 2024, and more general food for thought about the music industry.

Published: 30 December 2023

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The sun shines on the outside of the Stormont building under a blue sky.

MU Attends All Party Group on Arts at Stormont

At the All Party Ground on Arts that was held at Stormont at the end of November, MU Acting Regional Organiser for Scotland and Northern Ireland Sam Dunkley heard reports on two strategies that will be out for consultation in the spring.

Published: 07 December 2023

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TUC Young Workers

MU Motion on UBI Backed by TUC Young Workers Conference

The motion urges the TUC to conduct research into a universal basic income for creative freelancers and work with the MU on a UBI campaign.

Read the story
People at TUC Young Workers Conference

Listen: Free Money for All?

Listen to the "Reasons to be Cheerful" podcast's episode hosted by Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd exploring Universal Basic Income (UBI) with Scott Santens.

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Proud to be able to speak to @WeAreTheMU motion at the @The_TUC @TUCYoungWorkers conference on Universal Basic Income for Creative Freelancers. ✊🏿

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An incredible 70 candidates from five parties have now signed our pledge promising to support pilots of Universal Basic Income in Northern Ireland. The pledge 👉 Have your candidates signed? If not, tag them below! 🙋 #NIPledgeForUBI

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*Money for Everything? Universal Basic Income in a Crisis* New open access paper in Economy and Society ( @EconSocJournal ) Situates city-based UBI Lab activism within current debates in critical political economy and postcapitalist strategy… 🧵👇

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Really a lot a lot of #BasicIncome news coming from #USA right at the moment, with #Texas' first #GuaranteedIncome #Pilot study coming to #Austin soon

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Guy Standing, an economist at London's SOAS, argues that under a basic income system, unstable jobs will no longer be the norm

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