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What is FEU training and how you can benefit from it

FEU stands for the Federation of Entertainment Unions and represents people working in the media and entertainment industries – one of the fast-growing parts of the economy worth more than £111bn to the UK. The MU got together with other unions in the entertainment sector to maximise lobbying power and resources.

With Equity, The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and National Union of Journalists, the MU provides joint support to its members through FEU Training.

The FEU Training project

FEU Training is an essential resource for musicians, providing an extensive training programme that teaches the practical skills and the knowledge to run businesses as self-employed workers. It also promotes wellbeing and helps learners overcome the challenges of working in isolation.

Training resources for members based in England

  • Online learning
  • Workshops
  • Webinars and webinar recordings
  • Video library
  • Case studies
  • Courses, guides and resources

When you are an MU member, you get access to FEU training for free.

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Act Now to Save FEU Training

With Covid-19 changing how we all work, FEU Training's business and digital skills training is more important than ever.

Act Now to Save FEU Training