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MU Royalties Policy and Code of Conduct

Updated: 14 December 2023 | 14:06 PM

Documents and resources in relation to MU distributed musician royalties.

1. MU Code of Conduct for royalty payees

We are committed to providing first-class service to all our royalty payees, and this Code sets out our key commitments to them. It provides important information about the Royalties Department of the MU, what you can expect from us, and how you can help us to help you.

2. Royalty Distribution Policy

The aim of the Musicians’ Union royalty distribution policy is to ensure that all payments are promptly and efficiently collected by the Musicians’ Union under the rights assigned in the Musicians’ Union Rules and Royalty Collection Mandate; all payments after the deduction of costs, wherever possible, are distributed to Musicians promptly, accurately and efficiently; and the collection and distribution of payments is carried out in accordance with the overall aims and objectives of the Musicians’ Union on behalf of its members and other musicians.