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Question Mark Over Schools Reopening

Advice for members around school reopenings, following the NEU's position on schools not currently being a safe working environment.

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By Chris Walters Published: 02 January 2021 | 5:31 PM
Photograph of an empty school classroom, the sun is rising through the windows with a red and orange glow
Members should follow our advice on teaching during the pandemic and contact us if they are unable to resolve their situation. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Our partner union, the National Education Union, has advised its members not to return to work on 4 January on the basis that schools are not currently a safe working environment.

This could prevent many schools from reopening, affecting MU members who teach. This follows the government's decision to delay opening all primary schools in London until mid-January.

While we support the NEU's position, we also acknowledge that many MU members will be worried about losing income if schools do not reopen. We also believe it is vital that music education continues for all children.

We therefore advise members that:

  • If your school stays closed, ask that your lessons be moved online. You should not be asked to delay teaching until schools reopen.
  • If your school reopens, the school (or other employer, e.g. music education hub) should support you in teaching online if you have health vulnerabilities.
  • If your school reopens and you are able to return, you must be supported in following covid-secure ways of working.
  • If you have any concerns about returning to teach, raise these issues with the school or your employer so that reasonable alternatives can be discussed.

Members should follow our advice on teaching during the pandemic and contact us if they are unable to resolve their situation through discussions with their school or employer.

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