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Committees are formed of democratically elected MU members to represent their interests. Every member can be involved as much or as little as they wish.

Last updated: 18 January 2022

Executive Committee (EC)

The EC is the national governing body of the Union, and EC members have a collective responsibility for the decisions and the policies of the EC. The EC makes major decisions that can affect the working lives of many musicians.

The EC is a group of democratically elected MU members who meet every month to guide the work of the Union. They are the decision-making body of the Union. The EC’s report is presented at MU Delegate Conference

EC members are not accountable individually for the work of the Union and have no individual decision-making powers. All decisions are the result of debate and vote and all EC members are expected to uphold such decisions. Although EC members do not sit as delegates for their Regions, they are elected on a Regional basis.

The current Executive Committee members are:

London Steve Done, Rick Finlay (Vice Chair), Dave Lee, Sarah Williams, Jacquelyn Hynes, James Topp
East & South East England Anna Neale, Andi Hopgood (Vice Chair), Xenia Horne, Richard Lightman
Midlands Millicent Stephenson, Nigel Braithwaite
North of England Sam Dunkley, Robert Scott, Eileen Spencer (Vice Chair)
Wales & South West England Andy Gleadhill, Rachel Parvin
Scotland & Northern Ireland Alex Gascoine (Chair), Diljeet Bhachu

Regional Committees (RC)

The RC is responsible for MU activities within the Region. For national matters, an RC can submit motions to the EC or to MU Conference.

Each of the MU’s six Regions has its own democratically elected Regional Committee (RC). Each RC has 20 members who sit for a two-year term of office. 

Music Section Committees

Our MU Sections have a democratically elected Committee that meets to discuss issues and, where appropriate, make recommendations to the Executive Committee.

The MU Section Committees are:

  • Music Writers' Section Committee
  • Freelance Orchestral Section Committee
  • Live Performance Section Committee
  • Theatre Section Committee
  • Recording & Broadcasting Section Committee
  • Music Education Section Committee
  • Royalties Committee